How to Enjoy Music Despite Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the hip usually affects people as they get older due to previous wear and tear of the hip joints. However, it can also be a hereditary condition, a genetic disorder, or caused by previous injuries to the joint. Early signs are joint stiffness, tenderness, and pain in the affected joint. The condition can be managed by anti-inflammatory medication, light exercise, and using walking aids such as a stick.

Music and Osteoarthritis of the Hip

There are many ways to enjoy and get involved with music. For example, it has been proven that playing music helps you practice mindfulness and improves your well-being. This, in turn, makes you more relaxed and calm. You can socialise at musical concerts or gigs which again will improve your overall condition. Or, you can play a musical instrument to take time away from the stress of your illness. Feeling better about yourself can help you cope with osteoarthritis hip conditions. Make sure you continue to undertake light exercise, which will keep your joints moving and alleviate the symptoms. Walking and swimming are both excellent gentle exercise that you can enjoy despite arthritis.

Musical Activities That Can Help Your Condition

If you feel adventurous, why not learn to play a musical instrument? If you want to learn guitar, drums or piano, this can be done in a comfortable, sedentary position. Medical studies have found that music can improve the pain experienced with this condition. It can raise your mood and help you to feel more in control of your feelings. Such an elevation in mindset can increase your mental health and the way you approach and organise your life despite having hip problems. There is further evidence that the general joint exercise associated with playing a musical instrument can alleviate some of the effects of hip osteoarthritis. For example, playing the organ or a set of drums needs constant use of the feet to control the pedals. This can strengthen leg and hip muscles and therefore relieve pain. If you can already play, there is no need to give up your hobby in all but the most severe cases of osteoarthritis. If you can’t play why not consider employing a music teacher to give lessons in the comfort of your own home? Many online courses can be used to learn how to play.

Arthritis need not be the end of your interest in music. Think of it as an ally in fighting the effects of your condition.

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