What Every Musician Wants to Hear from Fans

As a musician, you are vulnerable. You will always be in the public court, and you may be loved as much as you are loathed. However, no musician wants to hear negative comments from fans. Remember, not every musician is Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown or Beyonce. These are already big names, and negative comments may not affect them as much, even though they equally don’t want to hear bad comments about their music. That said, the following six things will lift the spirit of any music artist.

I can’t wait for your next song: This is a telltale sign that the fans are pleased with the work of the musician, and they are eagerly waiting to see if the next song will be a hit just as the previous one. This is quite encouraging as the musician will be motivated to work on releasing even better pieces.

Your music has really changed my life: Of course, every musician wants to impact the lives of people, and when they hear such a comment from fans, they know that they are achieving their purpose.

You are headed for big success: This is especially inspirational to upcoming musicians. It does give them an assurance that they are on the right track, and they will be a big name some day in the industry.

You’re my role my idol: Yes, this is a big one. Being an idol means that a musician has impacted someone’s life to the extent that the person admires them so much.

Your show was the best I have ever attended: Playing a killer show is awesome, but when such a comment comes from fans, then a musician will have the best feeling.

I look forward to seeing you in the next show: These words typically reflect repeat business, which is an indication that fans are satisfied with the musician’s work.

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