Dressing for a music event

If you are lucky enough to have the chance to go to any kind of music event then you might wonder at some point what you should wear. The truth is, it depends where you go and the sort of event you are attending.

Music festival

Many music festivals take place on farmland in open countryside and therefore there is more than a strong possibility of mud! With this in mind, packing items such as wellington boots is a good idea. Shorts and t-shirts tend to be the order of the day if the weather is good but make sure you have some waterproof items with you just in case the weather turns bad.

Jazz evening

A jazz evening at an upscale theatre or other venue is a much more elegant affair than a music festival. You don’t have to worry about the weather or bringing along enough clothes to last for a few days. An option like midi dresses will be ideal to bridge the gap between daytime casual and formal evening. Midi dresses are long enough to look very smart for the evening but they can also be dressed down if needed – if the event is taking place in the afternoon, for example. Midi dresses are also a comfortable option and come in a range of colour options and styles.

Opera night

For an opera night event, it might be specified that formal attire is required, this could mean a dinner jacket and bow tie for men and elegant cocktail or evening dresses for the ladies. It does generally mean high heels for the ladies too, so if you are not used to walking in these it might be worth getting a bit of practice in. Opera evenings can be very long so be prepared and make sure everything you are wearing is as comfortable as possible.

Pop concert

An event like a pop concert is usually a much more casual affair. Generally, comfortable boots with jeans and a t-shirt (usually one branded with the name of the band or musician) are good choices. If the concert is outdoor make sure you go prepared for the weather though. It could turn cold or rain. Indoors you are more likely to find it warmer than you’d like. There is no specific dress code for an event like this, the main thing is to go along, enjoy the music and just have a good time.

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