Jobs for Musicians

Making enough money can be one of the biggest challenges of trying to make it as a musician. However, there are some ways to make money and be around music at the same time.

Children’s Entertainer

Being a children’s entertainer may not seem like an obvious way to use your musical knowledge, but kids can be surprisingly critical. They will tell you if you are a poor musician and performing is a great way to get over stage fright. Children’s entertainment may take up some of the weekend. However, it might be a fun part-time earner for those that are more flexible.

Instrument Salesperson

Where there are instruments for sale, there is a salesperson. This job may seem a bit too business-like for some budding musicians. However, they have access to some of the newest and best instruments. This is ideal for musicians that want to invest in some of the latest instruments on the market. Playing the instruments during breaks is another added benefit of being an instrument salesperson.

Videographer for Music

A videographer is a great job for anyone wanting to use their knowledge to make great live music or music clips. Videographers can use a simple camera set up and then create something exciting for streaming online. Videographers usually have some knowledge of editing programs and have good experience about the commercial and artistic viability of what they are filming. It is one of the best careers for working remotely and gaining excellent skills.

Music Teacher

Teaching is one of the oldest ways for a musician to pass on their knowledge and make some money at the same time. Teaching kids requires little experience but lots of patience because some kids are forced to learn by their parents. Teaching more advanced levels may be paid more but requires more preparation.

Making some money to pursue a musical career is possible with some careful research and determined job searching.

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