Benefits of Being a Salaried Musician

Many professional musicians start training at a very tender age. They nurture their talent and groom their skills for several years. In many cases, their parents or guardians enroll them in a music school or hire private music tutors for them. While studying, they either choose to specialize in vocals, play music instruments, or do both. This sharpens their skills in theory and other areas of music, thus enabling them to confidently compose music pieces and perform them without struggling . At the end of their study, they can choose to be salaried musicians or opt for self-employment.

Salaried musicians enjoy doing a full-time job in their respective companies. They often receive numerous benefits just like any other company employee. For instance, music employees at The Walt Disney Company are given 11 paid holidays every year and enjoy health insurance benefits. Besides that, they benefit from a retirement savings program, employee discounts and reimbursement on education – very few musicians get to enjoy such benefits. In fact, many are self -employed, and they juggle between multiple hassles to raise funds in order to support themselves and their music career.

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