Four Steps To Keep Growing In The Music Industry

AAs a budding musician, one thing that the hardest thing in music is getting that big breakthrough. Well, it could be so, but that is not necessarily the formula. Some people get into the mainstream without too much effort but then find the going tough and quickly fade away.

Others struggle to keep reaching the bar they set themselves early in their careers, or the one that is ever rising because of the emergence of new talent. So what are the tips that can keep you growing in the music industry? Well, here are four key ones.

Control Your Emotions

The music industry is like a tidal wave; it has many highs and lows. It does not matter how accomplished you are, these phases will still occur. There are times when you will feel stuck and uninspired. Such times you will feel like leaving the whole career for good. At other times, your work will get the appreciation it deserves (or which you did not expect) and you will be literally on top of the world. You will be the voice that everyone listens to on their second hand macbook when they want to put on some music.

In either scenario, it is important to stay grounded. Have something that anchors you so that you do not act rashly. Do not abandon a project just because you had one bad performance or got turned away by one studio. Similarly, do not rush to produce a track you hadn’t planned for just because a previous one has performed well. Planning, moderation, and sobriety are key.

Be Consistent

Even singers get a block; a time when you feel like there just isn’t content you can create. However, you should always remember that you have an audience to please. If you go off the radar for too long they will replace you with a new favourite.

The secret to overcoming this block is working hard when inspiration is high. Keep writing ideas even when they are not very clear to you. These may come in handy in times of creative plateaus. Also, have a plan to release tracks moderately; hold some back for later releases.

Keep Learning

To have the output you have to have an input. Never tire of teaching yourself new things. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so keep sourcing. Read new books, listen to other musicians, travel to new places…anything that brings you new knowledge is beneficial.


You will get a lot of sharpening from working with other artists- both from your genre and outside. By working together with others, you get to gauge yourself against them. You also get to learn new skills that can be used to improve yourself.

There you have it! Go ye and prosper in this industry!

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