Why Hip-hop Is so Popular

Nowadays, hip-hop is a stuff for everybody. This genre of music is played virtually everywhere, including in radio stations and on TV. It is liked across all ages, from the young to the old. So what makes it this popular?


No other music genre is packed with powerful lyrics like hip-hop. Whether it is the message or rhyme, hip-hop lyrics have it all.

The Dances

Whether it is twerking, the Shmoney, the Nae Nae, the Dougie or the Wop, hip-hop features some of the coolest moves in the music realm.

Tupac Shakur

Reggae has Bob Marley, but hip-hop has Shakur. Although he was murdered in 1996, his legacy as the best hip-hop star still lives on. This guy blended the Black Panther political impact and his own gansta with ideas from the likes of John Lennon and Bob Marley to produce the stuff of legend.


Hip-hop has been known to influence fashion right from the 1980s. Look at Taylor Swift in a boombox, hoodie, or fitted hat and you can understand the impact the genre has on fashion.


The slang used by MCs is one thing that makes hip-hop to appeal to listeners. Hip-hop artists have been known to come up with slang vocabulary, which become so popular worldwide.

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