Qualities to Look for in a Good Music Teacher

To many, learning music is thought to be easy. However, this may not be the case at all. For those aspiring to take music as a profession, a lot goes into looking for a good music teacher. Tremendous efforts, time and passion are a great key in developing the learners’ abilities, but the choice of a teacher is just as important. A good music teacher, should display the following qualities.

Connects with Students

When the student-teacher relationship is good, learners generally feel at ease as they can easily express their ideas to the teacher without fear and end up feeling confident; thus, enjoying learning.

Does Not Fear Challenging Students

Sometimes students tend to be lazy and fail to do more or practice hard. A good teacher should challenge students to go an extra mile and push them so that they can realize their full potential.

Must be an Excellent Communicator

Communication is important in every aspect of learning. In the case of learning music, a teacher should be able to make learners understand key concepts and allow them to practice without interruptions. The teacher should also correct students and give them time to work on their weaknesses and strengths. All these need good communication skills.

Should Love All Music

It is important for students to know that their teacher loves a variety of music genres. People tend to love two or three genres and this should not be the case for a teacher. Love for a variety will inspire students to try out different genres and specialize in what they want.

Should not Criticize Failures

Criticism does not always work when it comes to problem solving, especially for a teacher. Instead, it affects some learners negatively, and a learner might hate the teacher. A good teacher should be able to solve learners’ problems without criticizing them. This is because learning music is not an easy thing. It takes time, practice, and repetition.

Should be Patient with Learners

A teacher who understands that learners have different capabilities is a competent one. Well, there are quick learners and slow learners. A good teacher should be able to repeat a concept severally for a slow learner to grasp it well. This calls for patience from the teacher.

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