How to Choose a Music School

When it comes to learning music, choosing a good music school is not an option. It is similar to choosing a car or your personal or family doctor. You must carefully research so that you pick the best. Considering the amount of money and time that you are going to invest in learning music, a good decision should be made to avoid regretting in the future. Whether you are choosing a school for yourself or for a child, the following factors should be considered:

How Good Are the Teachers?

A good school should have teachers who are passionate about their career and highly skilled in the subject that they teach. For example, if you choose to learn a guitar, find out about the level of experience of the teacher and their qualifications. This will help you understand how well they were trained and their musical background. Their personality and the relationship they often have with learners can also tell if the teacher is fit or not. All these will help you get the best out of a music school.


Since you will be spending a lot of time in your music school, being in a comfortable and serene learning environment will be a great deal for you. Find out if the institution has enough rooms for a learner to practice privately and with fellow learners. Besides that, find out if there are spaces where guardians or parents can watch there learners practice. Look for facilities that are well equipped with all the required music instruments.


When it comes to learning, institutions register both full-time and part-time students. Sometimes, a learners’ schedule and lesson time might conflict. With that said, you should always consider a music school that offers make-up lessons for those who miss classes. Furthermore, find a school that will easily accommodate your schedule and offer lessons at convenient hours.

The Alumni

The best schools are known by what graduates do after graduation. Many schools have their alumni featured on their website since they help market their courses. If a school is not proud of their alumni, then something may not be right with the school. You should therefore look out for schools that produce prominent learners who shine in their profession out there.

Class Size

Class size matters a lot, but it is often overlooked. This should not be the case at all. The student-teacher ratio in a music school is very crucial. Proper teacher-learner interaction and personal attention is important; hence, the school should have proper restrictions on class size. The class should not be overpopulated and the school should not be understaffed. This will ensure personal attention is given to every student.

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