Why Boz Boorer Plays Guitar

Boz Boorer is known in the industry as a producer of popular British tracks. He has also played in the rockabilly group, the Polecats. Readers may be wondering why the guitar is his instrument of choice. The fact is that a considerable proportion of music lovers also regularly play it. There are numerous reasons for this.

The Guitar Community

There is a large community of people who come together in order to appreciate guitars. They can often be found in music shops as well as venue buildings. Aficionados of this instrument can compare different models, give each other advice and spread awareness of new techniques. This community helps to change the current sound of modern music. Their tastes influence recording artists.

Popular Genres

Another good reason for playing the guitar is that it is by far the most used instrument in modern music. Guitar sounds are essential for a variety of different genres. These include country, folk and rock. Heavy metal almost always utilises electric guitars. This genre has a large number of variants such as black, gothic, orchestral and death metal. Each one of these is guitar-heavy. People who want to make it in the industry will increase their chances if they can play an instrument that has mass appeal. Boz Boorer clearly recognises this fact.

The Look Of It

Guitars do not just have a popular sound. They also look sleek and cool. As ridiculous as it sounds many people first decide to pick these up primarily because they can make the player look good. In a sense, they double as a fashion accessory. Band members do not just choose their shirt, trousers and shoes to fit a rock look. They also select guitars that have a good aesthetic appeal.


Guitars give their owners a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of music they can play. One day they can imitate Buddy Holly. The next day they could sound more like Slash from Guns N’ Roses. This one portable instrument offers a versatility that very few others can compete with.

Song Writing Tool

Many artists like to use guitars when they are in the creative zone. As previously stated, they have a versatile soundscape. When they are used for writing songs, the notes translate well to other instruments.

Past And Present Icons

All new artists are influenced by the icons that came before. The guitar is the dominant instrument since the invention of rock and roll in the 1950s. During that time, a large number of successful musicians have popularised the instrument. Some of the best examples of this include Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Brian May and Pete Townshend.

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