All-time Best Hip-hop Songs

If you ask any hip-hop fan to name the best hip-hop songs they have ever heard, chances are that you’ll end up with varied answers. This is because everyone has their own opinion regarding the best ever hip-hop songs. However, from the answers, there are song that are likely to be recurring, and they include:


Sang by Tupac, Changes is perhaps the most influential song in the history of the genre. It has a great message, and the beats are amazing. It is one of Tupac’s songs that make him one of the greatest hip-hop artists ever.

Lose Yourself

This masterpiece belongs to one Eminem, the king of hip-hop. From an inspirational message to amazing beats, this song has them all, and it can only belong to the best musician.


This hit from The Notorious B.I.G is inspirational to every listener. It has incredible rhymes and flows smoothly. It would still be popular even if the guy had not died.


The fact that Eminem’s Lose Yourself is listed does not prevent his other hit from being included on the list of the best ever hip-hop songs. Stan depicts the best of Eminem’s rapping and reciting skills. It is perhaps better than Lose Yourself.

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